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With over 20 years combined professional engineering experience, Ensyso provides engineering consultancy services in several areas where structural and mechanical know-how, experience and analytical skills are needed. We provide our clients with practical solutions to solve their toughest engineering problems and stay with our clients from start to finish, whether it is a routine assessment and verification work or a larger detailed design project.

Structural Engineering
Detailed Component FEA

Our team of highly skilled engineers analyze, design and optimize a wide variety of structures and mechanical systems encountered in engineering practice, which includes:

  • Commercial Buildings and Structures;

  • Onshore & Offshore Oil and Gas Structures;

  • Subcomponents of Mechanical Systems,

that may be subjected to :

  • Dead and Live Loading;

  • Wind;

  • Earthquake;

  • Harmonic or Random Vibration;

  • Internal & External Pressures and Temperature;

  • Ocean Dynamics (Wave and Currents);

  • Fatigue.

Via advanced finite element analysis (FEA) tools, Ensyso’s team of experts can design and optimize component geometries, identify root cause of failures and verify that structures are designed and built to applicable codes and specs.

Ensyso also provides 3rd party independent design verification services, which include:

  • Material Compatibility;

  • Design Code Check;

  • Geometry Optimization for Strength and Fatigue;

  • Interface Compatibility Verification;

  • Reporting.

Structural Engineering
Detailed Component FEA
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